Who were her brothers and sisters?


Firstborn, Juanita “Goldie” M. Busby born either May 19, 1897 (per her death records) or 1901 (per 1910 census), which would have been the year after her parents married. The origins of her name are unclear; perhaps her nickname was a reference to the local gold mines? Goldie married tractor engineer William Wesley Butler on August 4, 1919; he was killed in a vehicle accident September 23, 1921 in Oregon, when their first son was a year old and Goldie was pregnant with another. The young mother came to San Francisco with her 2 sons after Sally had moved here. She soon married her second husband, Orville Evansizer, with whom she lived the rest of her life near San Francisco, much of the time in Berkeley. She died January 13, 1976.

[a son]

(Another brother was born during the first years of her parents’ marriage; he died in childbirth or shortly thereafter.)


Nee “Mabel Janice Busby” born May 5, 1903 in Baker County, OR


Arthur M. Busby born April 20, 1905 in Unity Precinct, Baker County, OR. Died September 11, 1977, Sonoma County CA.


Noah Busby – born 1909(?); died in infancy March 12, 1910, Baker City OR


Merle (or Merrill, or Murray) H. Busby – born February 19, 1911, Baker City OR.


Joseph P[hilip] Busby – b. Aug 29, 1914 in Oregon ; died May 15, 2005 in Palm Desert, Riverside Co. He may have attended college; if so, seems to be the only sibling who did.


Beulah M. Busby – born January 7, 1921, Jackson County OR. Died Alameda County, CA April 9, 1980. After their mother died, Beulah lived with eldest sister Goldie Evansizer in Berkeley, CA.